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English Pronunciation Instruction: A Literature Review (4000 Views)
The Importance of Listening Comprehension in Language Learning (2495 Views)
School General English Achievement and Group-Work: An Investigation among Iranian Junior High School Students (2458 Views)
The Impact of Motivation on Reading Comprehension (2425 Views)
Vocabulary Teaching Techniques: A Review of Common Practices (2278 Views)
An Investigation into the Effect of Authentic Materials on Iranian EFL Learners’ English Listening Comprehension (2272 Views)
The Impact of Motivation on English Language Learning (2262 Views)
An Analysis of Factors Influencing Learners’ English Speaking Skill (2241 Views)
Adult’s Learning Strategies for Receptive Skill Self-managing or Teacher-managing (2040 Views)
The Effect of Using Phonetic Websites on Iranian EFL Learners’ Word Level Pronunciation (2000 Views)
English Teachers Professional Development Needs for Web Development Skills: Meeting the Challenges of Teaching English Language in the Information Age (1653 Views)
The Effect of L2 Minimal Pairs Practice on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Pronunciation Accuracy (1591 Views)
The Impact of Teaching Developmental Grammatical Errors on Iranian Undergraduate Translator Trainees’ L2 Paragraph Writing Ability (1563 Views)
The Impact of Computer–Assisted Language Learning (CALL) /Web-Based Instruction on Improving EFL Learners’ Pronunciation Ability (1558 Views)
The Impact of L2 Semantic Tasks (L2 Collocation versus L2 Definition) on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Achievement (1549 Views)
The Effect of Teaching Reading Strategies on EFL Learners’ Reading Anxiety (1541 Views)
Factors Contributing to the Use of L1 in English Classrooms: Listening to the Voice of Teachers and Students in Iranian Institutes (1535 Views)
Is the Universal English Education from the Primary Level in Bangladesh Necessary? A Domain Wise Study (1523 Views)
Applying Innovative Teaching Methods in a Second Language Classroom (1518 Views)
The Effect of Written Corrective Feedback on EFL Students' Writing Accuracy (1417 Views)
Pronunciation Barriers and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL): Coping the Demands of 21st Century in Second Language Learning Classroom in Pakistan (1417 Views)
The Impact of Humorous Movie Clips on Better Learning of English Language Vocabulary (1388 Views)
Expanding Middle School students’ Literacy Skills using the Journey Motif in Three Middle Grade Novels and Short Stories (1356 Views)
Educational Context and ELT Teachers’ Corrective Feedback Preference: Public and Private School Teachers in Focus (1349 Views)
The Effect of Learners’ Motivation on Their Reading Comprehension Skill: A Literature Review (1322 Views)
A Study of English Listening Comprehension Improvement via Product- vs. Process-Oriented Tactics: The Case Study of Shiraz EFL Learners (990 Views)
Advantages of Using Computer in Teaching English Pronunciation (909 Views)
Towards an Inquiry-Based Language Learning: Can a Wiki Help? (812 Views)
Efficacy of Explicit Teaching of Lexicographical Skills: The Case of Sudanese English Majors (706 Views)
The Study of the Beginner and Low Intermediate Students’ Attitudes toward the Oral Corrective Feedback (696 Views)
The Effect of Electronic Portfolio Assessment on the Writing Performance of Iranian EFL Learners (673 Views)
A Corpus-Based Contrastive Analysis of Stance Strategies in Native and Nonnative Speakers’ English Academic Writings: Introduction and Discussion Sections in Focus (649 Views)
Exploring Interactive and Interactional Metadiscourse Markers in Discussion Sections of Social and Medical Science Articles (624 Views)
The Effect of Practicing Domestic vs. Foreign Newspaper on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learnersʹ Reading Comprehension Ability (553 Views)
Motivation to Read in a Second Language: A Review of Literature (539 Views)
Attitudes of English-Major Students and Teachers towards Using Blended Learning in the English Department at Hebron University (404 Views)
English Speaking Anxiety: A Study of the Effect of Gender on Iranian EFL University Students’ Perceptions (387 Views)
Book Review: Innovation and Change in English Language Education (352 Views)
Influence of Morphemic Analysis on Vocabulary Learning Among Palestinian 10th Graders (127 Views)
The Effect of Role-Play through Dialogues vs. Written Practice on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Knowledge of English Idioms (120 Views)
The Effect of Pre-teaching New Vocabulary Items via Audio-Visuals on Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability (118 Views)
Cultivating Responses from Students through Literature Circle (114 Views)
Enriching Speaking Fluency through Conversational Gambits and Routines among Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners (77 Views)
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